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The Canex Mall

167  Kingsway Ave

Cold Lake, AB

Dear Crew Haus Community,

We understand that the past year and a half has been an extremely stressful and confusing time for everyone and being that we are a small business, we have certainly felt the immense pressure from the various Covid rules, restrictions and closures as well. As a business on the base, we must comply with the rules and regulations put forth by The RCAF as well as AHS, in order to continue to provide our services in a safe and responsible manner.

That being said, as per the RCAF, The Alberta Restriction Exemption Program is now IN EFFECT at The Canex Mall.  The program will be implemented starting Monday September 20, 2021. The military base requires all whom enter the premises (The Canex Mall) to provide Proof of Vaccinations OR Proof of Negative Covid-19 Test Results within 72 hours of their appointment. This does NOT apply to children ages 12 and under, or to those who have a medical reason (proof required) as to why they can not be vaccinated. We will be sure that your privacy is protected (as per the law) and, with your consent, will assign a small symbol to your personal account that identifies you and/or your family member as being an immunized individual or one who is exempt from the REP.

We want to ensure to each and everyone of you, that as we follow this new program (REP), that we have your health and safety as our number one priority and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to do what we can to reduce the risk for all.

For those who require their Proof Of Immunization, click on this link and you can get your downloadable and printable card in a matter of a couple of minutes! 

Thank you all for your continued support as Crew Haus Barbers & Stylists wouldn't be the same without you. Stay safe, be well, and hope to see you soon...


Lynn & the Gals at CHB&S

We carry a small select variety of brands of hair and beard products and try to focus on Canadian Made whenever possible. We believe in making it easy for our clients too so they're not overwhelmed with too much choice.

Most of our shampoos are available to be refilled at 40% off!

Just bring in your CLEAN bottles and we do the rest!

*Can be refilled up tp 3 times and then new bottles must be purchased